Proper Dentistry


Worried about your general well-being whilst undergoing oral restorations?

Our Dentistry seeks to create harmony within the body. Exploring the relationship between your oral health and overall well-being; Our Dentistry is the contemporary approach to dental treatment.

Examining the patient's overall health as opposed to just their oral situation; we advocates alternative oral treatments as opposed to traditional toxic methods. Our Dentistry is often referred to as Natural or Biological Dentistry and acknowledges oral treatment can have a significant affect on the rest of the body. The body is interlinked and what occurs within the mouth does impact your general well-being. We utilizes methods, materials and techniques which do not contribute to the toxic content of the body. Treatment requires as assessment of the whole picture; factoring in many possible causes and delivering the least negative impact to the rest of your body.

Within Emergency Dentistry London, patients are always considered our first priority. We have recognized the connection between your oral health and general well-being and place strong emphasis on Proper Gentle Dentistry within our practice. Located in London, Emergency Dentistry London will help you achieve oral and general health.

Emergency Dentistry London
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